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Drain Lining

Traditionally a defective, broken or leaking drain has required excavation and renewal to effect a repair either to a whole run or a localised area. Often drainage is affected by trees or shrub root ingress which causes frequent blockages which can be expensive to clear, inconvenient and hazardous to health.

The cost of any excavation and remedial works can be immense and these are quite often not covered by buildings insurance and therefore methods of insitu repair (without the need for excavation) have been developed.

The structural soft felt lining method involves the installation of a new ‘sleeve’ inside the original damaged drain which becomes a host pipe to the liner. Original installation techniques required a scaffolding tower to inflate the soft liner with water after it had been pulled into position inside the drain but with the advent of new technology ingenious compressed air machines are now used.

Once installed the structural soft felt lining is covered against faulty workmanship and materials by our 15 year guarantee although the manufacturers say that the life expectancy is at least 50 years.

Pipework Repair

How a defective drain is lined using a sleeve installation: