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Drain Repair

Drain repairs are necessary when a defect has been diagnosed within a drainage system, and it was previously the case that expensive, disruptive and inconvenient excavations were necessary. With the aid of modern technology, most situations can now be rectified by insitu methods such as structural soft felt lining and structural patch lining, which prevents the need for excavation.

Most drainage systems over 25 years old are constructed from earthenware pipework which is susceptible to fracturing, leading to the escape of water into the surrounding ground area. This can cause deterioration of the system and lead to further, more serious, structural damage. In turn, the egress of water can affect the structural stability of nearby buildings and cause subsidence or movement which can be very costly to rectify.

Collapsing drainage usually occurs after excessive pressure from above or as a result of deterioration of lesser damage and the resultant water loss. The broken drainage can cause frequent blockages and disrupt the use of a system. The continual loss of water into the ground can lead to subsidence or movement.

Roots can either cause damage to a drainage system in the form of broken pipework or be the result of root growth in the vicinity of an existing drainage problem. Typically the roots cause frequent blockages and generally continue to attack the pipework if left unchecked.

During the 1960’s, a new pipe material called Pitch Fibre was commonly used. This was subsequently found to be inherently defective, with the pipework becoming deformed and delaminated and the resulting ‘squashing’ causing frequent blockages.

The deformation can deteriorate to the point where insitu repairs such as re-forming and structural soft felt lining are no longer possible and therefore, full excavation and renewal would be necessary. When excavation and renewal are necessary, Specialised Drainage Services have the experience to replace any pipework which is beyond insitu repair. Whether for an access point or for a completely new system we can handle any job large or small.