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Pitch Fibre Reforming

Specialist reforming equipment can be utilised to return the deformed shape of the pitch fibre pipework back to its original circular shape. This is achieved by high tension winches and reformers which physically force the pitch fibre pipework back into shape. Also commonly known as re-rounding this method prepares the pitch fibre pipework for the introduction of structural soft felt liner which retains the circular shape and prevents the original pipework from deforming again. High temperature water is used in conjunction with a ‘hot box’ system in the curing or hardening process of the structural soft felt lining which allows maximum strength of the liner to be achieved within hours instead of many weeks which is normally required with standard structural soft felt lining.

Upon completion of the lining process the pipework is virtually returned to its original circular shape permanently and is immediately ready for use. 20m-30m lengths can be reformed and repaired by structural soft felt lining within one day and therefore the cost savings against excavation and renewal are immense. The massive disruption of replacement and reinstatement problems are also saved, making this technique very desirable when faced with the alternative traditional methods.

A standard CCTV camera inspection will determine the presence of pitch fibre pipework and its degree of deformation. We will be able to ascertain if reforming/re-rounding is possible at that time or whether the deformation has deteriorated to the point where excavation and renewal is inevitable.

If you do have defective pitch fibre drainage problems you can be assured that we are best equipped and have many years of experience to carry out all necessary remedial works and provide the most cost effective solution.