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CCTV Drain Surveys

People often have the misconception that because their drains do not block up that they do not have a drainage problem. The truth is that a blockage is generally just an inconvenience – a messy, smelly, emergency issue and once dealt with is the end of the story.

Damaged and leaking drainage is far more serious and if left undiscovered can lead to subsidence and movement of a building. According to a leading specialist buildings insurer, approximately 25% of subsidence claims are directly related to defective drainage which has eroded the soil below the foundations causing the building to drop.

Over the last 25 years, CCTV camera inspection equipment has been developed to allow an investigation of a drainage system using manholes or rodding points for access. The miniature camera head passes through the drains allowing the operator to view the inside of the pipe and determine its condition.

The video footage is recorded onto DVD or hard drive and taken back to our offices for analysis by our experienced staff. A report can then be compiled including a computerised drawing showing the drainage layout and a written report incorporating a schedule of remedial works should any defects be discovered.

Usually the recommendations will consist of insitu repairs such as structural soft felt lining which can save vast amounts of money if the condition of the pipework has not deteriorated to the point at which excavation and renewal are necessary. If this does occur however, we are fully equipped with both plant and machinery together with experienced personnel to deal with all types of drain repair.

An example drawing below. Please click the image to see a larger version.