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Sometimes properties can suffer from drainage problems so serious that they require open-access. In most cases, it will be easier to replace every damaged part of the system. Here at SDS Drains, we can provide complete drain excavation services to let our team provide an in-depth look of your drainage system.


Drain excavation is an extremely complex task. It can take much longer than in-situ repairs and, if not conducted by experienced professionals, is much riskier. Our professional team can deliver excavation services for all kinds of properties in the UK. We recommend that this solution is only used as a last resort and that, if at all possible, other methods of repair or replacement are tried first.

What is Drain Excavation?

Drain excavation is a final resort form of treatment for damaged drainage systems. It involves the physical digging of a trench or hole to provide direct access to certain areas of your drainage solutions. In some cases, a drainage problem can be so serious that is needs to be directly accessed and cannot be repaired in-situ.


This hole needs to be dug manually, as any mechanical equipment could cause more damage to the drainage system. Drain excavation is an effective strategy for repair and replacement. However, it can be extremely risky. Digging can cause more damage to the affected pipe, or cause damage to the system surrounding it.

When Is Drain Excavation Necessary?

This method of drain accessing should only be used when other methods have failed or are not suitable. If the drain you are attempting to access is old, for example, and is in extremely condition. Any pipe with multiple leaks or which has seriously collapsed may require excavation rather than in-situ repairs. While services like drain lining are practical solutions in many cases, they aren’t suitable for the most severe damages.


Some of the most common problems which can require drainage excavation include:

  • Earth Subsidence, Causing Pipe Disconnection.

  • Flooding in the Pipes.

  • Tree Roots Intrusion.

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What Does a Drain Excavation Project Involve?

Here at Specialised Drainage Services, our team will deliver a comprehensive drainage excavation project. In addition to the actual site work, including digging and repair, these projects also require:

  • Site Assessments.

  • Health and Safety Considerations.

  • Materials Storage.

  • Site Reinstatement.

Site Assessments

Using a range of pre-digging site assessments, our team will be able to locate the exact position they need to dig in. We will also mark out how much of your ground we need to excavate. Using CCTV drain surveys and other specialist techniques, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the site. Drainage pipes are normally located close to other utility pipes, such as gas and electricity pipes.

It is extremely important that these features are included in your site assessment plan. Otherwise, the drainage excavation could cause damage to these pipes. This will not only require further repair work, but it can make your property a dangerous place to be.

Health and Safet Considerations

As digging and trenchwork can be difficult, it can be extremely serious for workers and passers-by. Our team will generate a health and safety report to improve the overall working safety. The deeper the trench, the worse these problems are. As such, a health and safety report could be essential when it comes to avoiding on-site damage.

Materials Storage

During site excavation, a high volume of materials will be generated. This earth needs to be stored somewhere nearby where it will not only be safe, but which causes no problems to the project. If the material displaced by the project doesn’t need to be returned, it needs to be disposed of as responsibly as possible.

Site Reinstatement

The trench created by this drain excavation needs to be filled in responsibly. Otherwise, it could lead to a whole range of problems later in your property’s lifetime. This can include subsidence and flooding, both of which can cause further health problems to your drainage system.

Get in Touch with SDS Drains for Drain Excavation Services


Here at Specialised Drainage Services, our experienced team can deliver a complete range of drain excavations as required. As excavating your ground to access drains is a major project, we can help you to try every other kind of treatment first.

Using our CCTV drain surveys, we will help you to investigate your drains in great detail. This can be essential when it comes to identifying the specific issue. Whether your drains have collapsed or sustained damage following subsidence, get in touch with our experienced team today.

For more information on drain excavation, don’t hesitate to call our team today. You can reach our drainage specialists today on 0800 037 1000. You can also email any questions or concerns that you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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