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Drain Lining in Sevenoaks

Here at SDS Drains, we’ve delivered comprehensive drainage services to properties across the UK. If your drains have suffered any kind of damage, including cracks and fractures, we’re here to help. Thanks to our industry-leading drain lining in Sevenoaks, we can effectively repair most kinds of damage without disrupting your property. We can deliver this service to a wide range of properties, including homes and businesses.

Drainage systems themselves are designed to offer many years of service. However, they can sustain damage which makes them a serious problem. There are many ways that your drain pipes can suffer extensive damage. Wear and tear, misuse and environmental factors can all play a major role in damaging your property. Our experienced team will be able to provide effective repair and drain lining services to all kinds of drainage systems.

What is Drain Lining in Sevenoaks?

Drain lining is one of the most effective methods of drainage repair used in the UK today. It is an in-situ repair method, meaning that our team will not need to dig up your drains. This can save a great deal of disruption on your property and make the entire process much quicker. Drain lining has also proven to be the most cost-effective treatment for all kinds of cracks and pipe fractures.

Drain lining in Sevenoaks is used in all kinds of properties. In the past, we have used it to resolve pipe damage in the drainage systems of:

  • Domestic Buildings, including Houses and Apartments.

  • Commercial Properties, such as Hotels, Offices, Restaurants and More.

  • Industrial Spaces, like Warehouses, Factories and Power Plants.

As most industry-leading techniques tend to be, drain lining is extremely simple. When a drain pipe is fractured or cracked, it used to require digging up to repair or replace. Thanks to professional drain lining, we can replace all kinds of damage in-situ.


How Does Drain Lining Work?


Drain lining, otherwise known as Soft Felt Lining, involves the installation of a new sleeve within the drain. This sleeve will be installed within the original drain and create a water-tight seal which prevent waste water from escaping via the crack. Today, our experienced team can force soft lining into your drain and using compressed air, we will inflate the sleeve within the drain. This will create an efficient and damage-resistant lining to prevent the escape of water and the intrusion of roots and soil.

Before this technique is used, we will normally begin by employing drain unblocking and cleaning methods. This will ensure that there are no potentially hazardous materials or debris in the pipe itself. If there are any of these substances within the pipes, they can cause the lining to get caught, or be deployed at irregular shapes within the drain.

Need Your Drains Inspecting?

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With DVD & Report

Why Is Drain Lining in Sevenoaks So Important?

If your drain pipes are suffering from any cracks or fractures, or even minor collapses, then they will leak waste and water into the surrounding soil. This can lead to a wide range of problems across your property. These issues can be even worse if the damaged pipe is located close to your building. Some of the many issues that a cracked drain pipe can cause for your home or business include:

  • Unpleasant Smells across Your Property.

  • Standing Water and Flooding.

  • Waterlogged Soil.

  • Basement Flooding.

  • Rising Damp and Mould.

These are only some of the problems, however. In the worst cases, it is also possible for these issues to cause long-term structural damage to your home or business. Waterlogged soil, for example, will swell and shrink as the water enters and leaves the soil. This kind of subsidence can leave gaps around your property’s foundations. As the soil moves and leaks water around your foundations, they can suffer serious damage.

In many cases, your home or business’ foundations can shift, crack and even break over time. This can lead to your building shifting, or even sinking into the earth. This is a perfect example of the kind of damage that a broken pipe in your drains can have on your property’s health.

For Industry-Leading Drain Lining in Sevenoaks, Call SDS Drains Today

Over the years, the professional team at Specialised Drainage Services can help you to restore your property’s drainage to its former glory. Whether your property has sustained damage due to nearby groundworks, wear and tear or by your own poor drainage care, get in touch with our team today. The experienced team at SDS Drains can help you to eliminate all kinds of problems with your drains.

For more information on the benefits that drain lining can deliver to your Sevenoaks property, get in touch today. Our experienced team of engineers can work with you to identify problems and resolve them as quickly and reliably as possible. You can reach our professional team today by calling us directly on 0800 037 1000. If you prefer, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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