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Drain Repairs in Reigate

Here at SDS Drains, we can deliver complete drain repair services to properties throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex. If you’re looking for professional drain repair in Reigate, then get in touch with our experienced team today. Allowing any kind of drainage problem to go untreated can lead to a range of serious structural damages. This is true for both simply blockages and serious drainage pipe damages.

Drains are hard-wearing systems which can deal with all kinds of waste. They will provide many years of service before they need any kind of maintenance. When they do require repairs, however, it is important that you act fast. Allowing pipes to remain damaged can cause a variety of health hazards and structural damage to your property. You need to get in touch with the professional team of drainage specialists at SDS to prevent the problem from growing worse.


Why is Drain Repair in Reigate So Important?


All properties rely on drainage systems to remove waste water and protect the building from water damage. Some of these drains will connect to septic tanks whereas some will direct the water to the mains sewer line. Whatever kind of system your property uses, neglecting to maintain it efficiently can cause serious problems.


Damaged drains can cause leaks across your property. This can happen anywhere in your drainage system. The most noticeable leakage will occur in the pipes in your building. Your walls, ceilings and floors could suddenly become wet or even flood. Badly-maintained drains can lead to damp and mould across your property, which can be almost impossible to completely repair. If they suffer serious damage, they can lead to flooding, which can be extremely costly to recover from. In many cases, you could even lose priceless heirlooms and mementos.






Who is Responsible for Drain Repair in Reigate?


Every household or business is responsible for its own drains. Your local water company or council will be responsible for the mains sewer lines. If you notice any kind of damage to your drainage system, then it is up to you to call in the experts. In many cases, neglecting to care for your drains can lead to expensive fines if they start to affect other buildings or public property.

What Causes Damage to Drainage Systems?

Most drains require repairs following a blockage, subsidence or intrusion. There are many potential causes for each of these.

What Causes Blockages in Your Domestic or Commercial Drains?

  • Flushing Unsuitable Products – This can include feminine products, makeup and medical waste. Baby wipes and kitchen roll are also a major contributor to blockages.

  • Food Waste – Allowing solid food waste or fats, oils and greases (FOGs) into your drains can cause serious blockages.

  • Hair and Soap Scum – The drain pipes of sinks, showers and baths are all vulnerable to these difficult blockages.

What Causes Subsidence to Damage Drain Pipes?

Drains can easily become damaged if the soil around them moves. The weight of the soil can, over time, cause pipes to crack and fracture. If you combine this with the pressure from a blockage, even hard-wearing pipes can eventually collapse.

Soil can move due to nearby groundworks, tremors or other issues which are beyond your control. Loose connections can easily be broken apart and pipes can be cracked due to the heavy weight of soil.

Need Your Drains Inspecting?

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With DVD & Report

Although we think of our drains as being watertight, they can suffer damage due to intrusion. These are some of the most serious kinds of damages to your drains and can easily lead to complete replacement projects if not dealt with quickly. Some of the most common kinds of intrusion include:

Tree Roots – Tree roots will grow naturally in the direction of your drains. They will be able to detect the moisture and nutrients in the grey water as it is removed from your property. They can grow into your drains through even the smallest of gaps, from tiny cracks to loose connections.Once in place, tree roots will grow extremely quickly. As such, they can be the cause of all kinds of damage to your home or business. Clearing these problems and repairing the damage is extremely important.

Vermin – Rats and other vermin love drains; they’re dark, wet and warm which makes them perfect for nesting. Once inside, they will usually build a nest. This can lead to extensive damage throughout your drainage system and require extensive drain repairs to put right.

Types of Property

Here at SDS Drains, our team of engineers can provide complete drain repair services for properties in the UK. Before we start to conduct any kind of repair work on your property, we will conduct a thorough CCTV drain survey. This will help us to identify any and all damages throughout your system. We will be able to understand what has caused this damage and whether it is easier to replace the damaged pipe.

Drain Features

Our CCTV drain surveys will alert us to a range of features about your drains, including:

  • Location and Type of Drain Damage.

  • Actual Drainage Layout.

  • Drain Depths.

  • Accessibility to the Problem Area.

  • Issues with Connecting Pipework.

Drain Repair Services

At Specialised Drainage Services, we can deliver a range of in-situ drain repair services. Most commonly, we will introduce felt or patch lining to prevent water from escaping from damage drains. These substances will create a watertight seal and ensure that your pipes continue to offer a long-term, reliable service. We can help to eliminate potential hazards from your in-situ drains and prevent structural damage across your property. The repair services that we can provide are expected to provide at least 50 years of reliable service.

Where in-situ repairs are impossible, we can provide drain moling and excavation services to replace the affected pipes. We can source the best drain pipes to suit your property’s needs and eliminate all kinds of damages.

What We Do

Here at Specialised Drainage Services, we can deliver complete drainage repairs for all kinds of properties. We can repair your drains and eliminate the risk of structural damage through flooding and leaks. Our experienced team of engineers can work with you to restore your damaged drains to their former glory.

Contact Us

If you’re looking for drain repair in Reigate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We can provide complete CCTV drain surveys and repair services for all kinds of commercial and domestic properties. You can reach our team by calling us directly on 0800 037 1000. If you prefer, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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